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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching on Tuesday (14 Feb 2023). If you haven't ordered flowers yet for your loved one, you better hurry — order online today and have them shipped to that special someone in your life. Our team of professional florists at Hong Kong Flower Shop is here to help you deliver joy and happiness to your loved one in Hong Kong on this special Valentine's Day.

Quick Care Tips for Orchids August 25 2013

We've added two very elegant and beautiful orchid products to our collection.


What's more? A lot of our customers wrote to us to ask about care tips for orchids. We therefore put together a page with Q&A like these to give you more ideas. 

Q: How often should I water my orchid?

Q: How often should I be fertilizing my orchids?

Q: What do I do when my phalaenopsis stops blooming?

... and more ...


Take a look to learn more about orchid care tips, brought to you by the original Hong Kong Flower Shop Limited.